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More Luxury Bus Services from Kyros Connects Between Popular Tourist Destinations of Kerala will Make Comfortable Travelling Even More Cheaper for Tourists

KYROS CONNECTS started their daily service up and down from Fort Kochi to Munnar is already a successful charter and we have written a detailed article about the same @ New Daily Luxury A/c Bus Service from Fort Cochin to Munnar

kyros connects new luxury ac bus services between tourist destianitons of kera

Now they are expanding the services by inter connecting main tourist destinations of Kerala by adding one new service in between. This is a welcome move and we wish all the success to KYROS

We thank Mr. Eldhose Saju | Marketing Executive from Kyros who mailed and informed us about their new service which is going to hit highways with effect from 07th June 2017

As per the mail we got, the newly implemented service follow the route ALLEPPEY- COCHIN-MUNNAR-THEKKEDY 

Effectively we can say the below services will come into existence.
Alleppey To Munnar  

Fort Kochi To Munnar 
Kochi Airport To Munnar
Munnar to Theakkady 
Theakkady To Alleppey
They have maintained a round trip route that start and end at Alleppey

Ticket charge for all the above services will be Rs.350/- per person

Now you can see all the points to which the bus connected with and from where you can catch bus from

Alleppey to Munnar
ALLEPPEY              -  Kyros Office, Near to Finishing Point @ 09.00 AM
FORT KOCHI           -  Thopumpady Bridge @ 10.00 AM
VYTILLA HUB          - 
Kyros Office, Bay No 13  @ 10.30 AM
EDAPALLY              -  Near Lulu Mall @ 10.50 AM
ALUVA                   -  Bypass Junction @ 11.15 AM
COCHIN AIRPORT    -  Domestic Arrival Terminal @  11.30 AM
KOTHAMANGALAM   -  Bypass Road @ 12.15 PM
ADIMALY                -  Near to Bus Stand @ 02.00 PM
MUNNAR                -  Old Munnar Parking : 03.15.PM

Munnar to Thekkady 
MUNNAR                -  Panchayath Parking ground Munnar : 03.30.PM  
THEKKEDY             -  Reaching Time @ 06.30 PM 

Thekkady to Alleppey
THEKKEDY             -  Green Woods Parking @ 08.00 AM
KUMARAKOM          -  Tourist Information Center (KTDC) @ 11.15 AM
ALLEPPEY              - 
Kyros Office, Near to Finishing Point @ 12.45 PM

Detailed Schedule as Follows
Alleppey - Munnar
   Departure from Alleppey - 9.00AM
   Arrival at Munnar            - 3.15 AM
   Boarding point : Kyros Office Near finishing Point.
   Ticket Rate :350Rs

Cochin - Munnar
    Departure from Cochin : 10.AM
    Arrival at Munnar          : 3.15PM
    Boarding Point :- Fort kochi (Thoppumpady BOT Bridge) 10.AM
                             Vytilla Mobility Hub 10.30AM
                             Aluva (Metro Pillar No 49) 11.05AM
                             Cochin international Airport 11.30AM
    Ticket rate : 350Rs

Munnar - Thekkady
    Departure from Munnar       : 3.30PM
    Arrival at Thekkady            : 7.00PM
    Boarding Point: Panchayath Parking ground Munnar
    Ticket Rate : 350Rs

Thekkady - Alleppey       
    Departure from Thekkady : 8.30AM
    Arrival at Alleppey           : 12.30PM
    Boarding point  Greenwoods Resort Kumily
    Ticket Rate : 350Rs

Online Booking/eTicketing:
We must say that the above service is going to be huge success as the trip is making connection with most popular tourist destinations of Kerala i.e Kochi / Munnar / Thekkady Kumarakom and Alleppey .

Bus is passing through Cochin Airport and to Munnar will help more budget travellers and it will be add on bonus for the tourists as well.

How to Book the Bus Ticket Online : You can book the ticket from their website and can be reached from HERE

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Hope you find this article helpful. If you like it please share on your facebook , twitter etc

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Guide to Find Best Places of Accommodation that have the  Coolest Climate Even in Hot Summer Season at Munnar

How to Plan Summer Vacation and Where to Stay in Munnar  - A useful guide for summer vacation planing in Munnar. We are going to discuss about which are the coolest locations where we get good accommodation options suitable for summer season in terms of good climate and staying conditions

Without doubt we can say that Munnar is one the most sought after hill stations in India where people love to visit throughout the year especially because of the natural beauty and chilled climate. Being a hill station, this region has got cool climate throughout the year normally. 

Now as per the present conditions, effect of global warming started showing here as well resulting increase of temperature. So in this article we will discuss the places in Munnar which have got cool climate even in hottest summer season so that it will be easy for travellers to choose best accommodation suitable for summer season in Munnar

best place to stay in munnar for summer, places with coolest climate in munnar even for hottest summer season
Image Source

Climate and Exact Temperature During Summer in Munnar

Summer Period :- March to May is the summer season in Kerala so as in Munnar. 

March ; we can say the starting phase of summer here and you can enjoy the pleasant sunny climate throughout the day
Average Temperature in most of the places in Munnar : Day Time it can rise up to 23 to 26 Degree Celsius and during night time temperature will come down to 18 to 20 Degree Celsius 

April ; summer will become more  harder during this month. Expect temperature on the hotter side during day time
Average Temperature in most of the places in Munnar : It remain in between 23 to 26 Degree Celsius during day time and will come down to 18 to 20 Degree Celsius during night

May; last phase of summer normally hottest during day time . On the top of the summer season nature bless Munnar with summer rain drops and that will add the charm of your trip.
Average Temperature in most of the places in Munnar : Day time you can expect temperature between 23 to 27 Degree Celsius and night time on the cooler side of 18 to 21 Degree Celsius 

The above said  are the exact average temperature in most of the places in Munnar except very few low altitude places like Chithirapuram. For example Chithirapuram area holding higher side temperature during summer period when compared to other main places of Munnar. During Summer months, you can experience day time temperature of 30 to 35 Degree Celsius and night time temperature of 20 to 23 Degree Celsius only at Chithirapuram and surrounding area.

We are seeing lots of misleading facts about temperature in Munnar and its really sorry to say that even major websites have given wrong information on the same. So we thought to clarify the things in detail. So without doubt we can say summer is one of the best season to visit Munnar

Seems to be hotter months and why it is season period in Munnar during April & May ?

 Right question and the answer is very simple. These are the months that carry hottest temperature of the year so most of the schools in Kerala as well many other states in India having vacation. 

Good time for parents plan family vacations and when they short list the destinations, they can realize that in Kerala, Munnar is the place where they can have cool climate when compared to any other places in the state. So tourist flows in large number eventhough it is summer time, April and May months are season period in Munnar where as most of the other destinations hails off season traffic

Even though day time temperature is little bit on the higher side, climate in Munnar will be cool from evening and even more cooler during night time and that is why people prefer this place as their first choice in large volume in peak summer period as well


How to Plan Sight Seeing in Munnar ? 

Sightseeing in Munnar can be divided into four different directions. Details mentioned below

Remarks : All the distance is calculated Munnar Town as Starting Point

1) Mattupetty Direction - CLICK HERE to See More Details

2) Coimbatore Direction - CLICK HERE to See More Details

3) Cochin Direction - CLICK HERE to See More Details

4) Thekkady Direction - CLICK HERE to See More Details


 If you notice above given directions of sightseeing places, you can understand how big  Munnar is and main places to visit are scattered in different directions. Eventhough it is a hill station, places are in different altitudes and produce different variable temperature during day and night. Means all the places not carrying same temperature and this is the point where we are coming close to our article title

Munnar has got plenty of accommodation options in terms of luxury, budget, natural beauty of the premises, terrain of the hotel/resorts (hill view, tea plantation view etc ). Also, when we say Munnar to a new tourist who about to travel here, he/she may feel that this place is a small particular area. 

But instead we all know that this beautiful wonder of nature is a vast destination and has got huge variety of geographical areas in terms of accommodation as well as sight seeing

For example we can find good resorts and hotels in different areas of Munnar which are Main Town, Devikulam, Chinnakkanal, Pothamedu , Pallivasal, Chithirapuram etc. The list goes long, but we are taking above main places for case study. All the places are belongs to Munnar only. But all of them having different altitudes so as different temperature especially during summer. Here we are into the subject.

Now you may come forward with some questions like
What is the staying conditions in Munnar during summer season / Which place is Munnar is best for summer vacations etc

hotels in munnar for summer vacations, hotels in munnar with swimming pool, hotels in munnar with ac rooms, which are the places in munnar that produce coolest temperature in summer season
Image Source

Best Places to Stay in Munnar for Summer Holidays with Cool Climate

Devikulam is one such area of Munnar which has got coolest temperature throughout the year when compared to most of the normal locations where accommodation options are available

Chinnakkanal , Lakshmi Estate Area , Pothamedu are some of the other choice where climate remain cool during summer as well

Chithirapuram; one of the area in Munnar that got tremendous possibility of getting good hotels and resorts from homestays to 5 star category. In summer this place will be on hotter side when compared to other given places. Chithirapuram is one of those area where tourist have more option for A/c Rooms 

Good Resorts - Hotels and Homestays in Munnar for Your Summer Vacations

Chinnakkanal :- Mountain Club , Ayur County, Club Mahindra , Sterling , Great Escapes , Golden Ridge 

Lakshmi Estate :- Nature Zone ; perfect mountain resort with tree house and African safari tents as accommodation options

Pulimootil Estate

Devikulam :- Las Plams , Blue Berg , Pavitram Homestay

Munnar Town :- Clouds Valley Leisure Hotel, Green Ridge , Silver Tips, KTDC Tea County, Elsium Garden Hill Resort

Pothamedu :- Tall Trees, Tea Valley , Deshadan Mountain Resort, Blackberry Hills Retreat & Spa, Windermere Estate, Fragrant Nature 

Chithirapuram :- Ecotones Camps, Swiss County, Spice Country, Munnar Queen, Parakkat Nature Resort,  Orchid Highlands, Tea Village, Snow Line, Misty Homes Homestay etc

Good Resorts and Hotels in Munnar with Air Conditioned Rooms

Fog Resort; one of the best luxury resorts and a best choice for family 
Leaf Resort ; luxury blend with nature and a perfect hide out for your family Panoramic Gateway
Chandy's Windy Woods
Tea Country

Best Summer Choice Resorts in Munnar with Swimming Pool

Fog Resort 
The Leaf Resort
Broad Bean
Chandy's Windy Woods
Mountain Club
Parakkat Nature Resort
Panoramic Gateway
Spice Tree ( Private Pool )
The Munnar Queen

If you are an adventure lover, you have got options for Tent Camping / Mountain Trekking etc in Munnar

Remarks : There are huge list of hotels in different locations available other than the given listings. However we just mentioned some of them randomly considering the general guest feedback

Hope this article will help you in planning your next vacation. Do let us know if you have any suggestion/comments on this. Also please share the same on your social media so that more people get this information. See you soon with another good article..
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Wayand is one of the frequently visited tourist destinations of Kerala and you also familiar about the rock carvings of  Edakkal Caves which were discovered in 1895 by the Superintendent of Police of Malabar District, Fred Fawcett.  He was on a hunting trip when he happened to find a Neolithic stone axe, which led to the discovery of Eddakal.

 They are part of a pre historic rock shelter, formed naturally when one huge boulder got wedged between two bigger ones. The name Edakkal itself means “a stone in between”.

best dormitory booking portal for wayanad, cheap and best dormitory in wayand, bachelor group dormitory in wayanad

Lots of tourist visit Edakkal Caves and we have got cheap and best dormitory near Edakkal Caves Wayanad for group stay. We provide online booking for dormitory in Wayanad for friends & family group

Edakkal Caves Vistting Timings
9AM – 5PM
Note: Monday Holiday

Dormitory is located just 5 Kms distance from historic sightseeing point Edakkal Caves. Budget Dormitory Booking in Wayanad .... Best Suitable for 10 Members , 15 Members & 20 Members Group. If you are in search of budget dormitory for your group stay in Wayand, then the search will end here.

group stay in wayanad, group stay dormitory in wayanad, cheap and best dormitory in wayanad

@ Dormitory You Will Get:
Neat and Clean Dormitory
Bunker Type Beds
Bed Sheet, Pillow with Cover & Blankets
4 Attached Bathrooms
Wash Basin with Mirror

If you are group of  bachelors planning trip to Wayanad and looking economic dormitory stay somewhere near edakkal caves, then you can book this entire dormitory for your stay. Morever we can provide dormitory in Wayanad for family, students group, friends get-together etc

wayanad dormitory, dormitory booking wayanad, dormitory near edakkal caves, wayanad group stay packages,

You Can Find More Details with Option to Book Online HERE

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 Its a good news for Munnar travellers as one of the main tourist center Eravikulam National Park (Rajamalai) reopen on 11th April 2017 after Calvin season of Nilgiri Tahr. The same remained closed from 1st February and after 2 months now tourists can see the new born tahr

eravikulam national park munnar, eravikulam national park trekking, eravikulam national park images

Picture Source and More Details :

The Nilgiri Tahr population has shown positive growth. Their number has exceeded 1,000 in Rajamala under the Eravikulam National Park, according to the Forest Department's preliminary census conducted last month. The previous survey in April last year had counted between 940 and 950 ibex

As per the official announcement, he park will reopen for tourists on April 11 after it was closed on February 1 because of the gestation period of the ibex

You can book online tickets for Eravikulam National Park Here
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