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Ela Ada is one of the special Kera dish and childrens are most fond of this. This is Keralites favorite breakfast/evening snacks made out of rice flour, coconut and jaggery.

Rice Dough
1 ½  cup rice flour/Pathiri powder
1 - 1 ½ cup boiling water
Salt – As required

Jaggery – 150 gm
Coconut – 1  cup
Cardomom – 2-3

Banana leaves

Preparing Rice Dough:
Boil water in a pan. Add salt.
Add this water slowly to the rice powder and make a soft dough. First you will need a ladle to mix the dough. Once it cools a bit make it into a dough like chapathi dough with hand.
Add water carefully. Do not add the water all at once. Keep adding slowly and mix with hand.

Preparing the filling
Take  3- 4 tbsp water in a pan. Keep to boil. Add the jaggery and let it melt.
Once melted filter it to remove sand and other dust particles.
Keep it again on low flame. Add the coconut and powdered cardamom and let it become thick.
Remove from flame and let cool.

Wrapping the Ada
Wash the banana leaves. Place it on low flame for few seconds. You can see the leaf soften.
Cut it into rectangular shapes.
Make small balls of the dough.
Now take one cut banana leaf and keep one rice ball on it.
Keep dipping your hand in little water so that you can spread the dough to make a circle.
Place the filling and close it. Wrap the leaf around it.
As you do these, keep an Idli maker on the stove with water to boil on high flame(Keep it closed).
When the water boils, open the lid, place the banana wraps and steam for 15 minutes.
Remove the cooked Ada’s from the Idli maker and serve hot.

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