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Mangaladevi Temple  is located 15 km from Thekkady. The ancient temple is hidden in the dense woods at the top of a peak 1337 m above sea level. The temple is built in the traditional Kerala style of architecture. Visitors are allowed here only on the Chithra Pournami festival day. The peak commands a panoramic view of the eastern slopes of the ghats and some hill villages of Tamil Nadu. The Mangala Devi Temple which opens only during the Chitra Pournima Festival.

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The temple complex on the top of the Magaladevi Hills facing the Cumbam Valley of Tamilnadu consists of four shrines of different sizes and orientation confined to a well defined Prakara with a fairly large sized Gopuradwara. Among the four temple precincts one is large facing east with a covered GarbhaGriha, Ardhamandapa and an open courtyard. There is a sub-shrine with the trunk of an image, the naval of which appears to be that of a female in Ardha-Paryanka pose. The image is made of soft granite. There are other two sub shrine also in the complex; it is datable to 8-9 century A.D.

Considering the historic and Architectural value, the Department of Archaeology declared it as a protected monument in 1983.

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