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Yet another monsoon season !!!!!! Poetically monsoon is the season of love & rain is the music of love. See some Rain Pictures from Kerala

Latest Climate News : Munnar Back to Full Fledged Waterfalls and Greenery after Beginning of Monsoon Showers

Monsoon in Kerala

Monsoon season in Kerala normally starts on the first week of June and it may last till August. But first two months will be the heavy rain period. Hill stations like Munnar are worth to visit during monsoon & its the most demanding time for Honeymooners.

Munnar is also know as Lover's paradise. If you are planning for a trip to Munnar, then please take care of certain things which are mentioned below

Warm Cloths
We cannot predict the temperature in Munnar  during monsoon. Sometimes it used to come down to minus degrees. So while you pack your baggage, don't forget to carry warm cloths, jackets etc. For kids and children this is a must carry thing.

Rain Pictures

Umbrella & Raincoat
In most cases its going to rain there. So Umbrella or Raincoat will help you to have a walk in the rain. It may not be raining when you start your sight seeing. But in the middle if it rain, then these two will be very useful. You can continue your sight seeing and sure that you will be enjoying these moments

Keep some basic medicines with you for fever, cold etc. Sudden climate change may lead to some sort of inconvenience especially when you have your kids with you..

Yea, the villain of high-ranges. Rain pours, then leaches at its best. First of all don't get panic if you found leaches on your body. These are not harmful. Leaches normally suck bad blood from our body and are used for treatments for purifying blood. 

leaches, how to get rid off leaches, how to protect yourself from leaches

Mostly leaches can be found in bushy and grass areas. As we say, prevention is better than cure, you can prevent the attack of leaches by applying some salt water on your leg before starting your sightseeing program. Also apply some salt on your footwear. Salt is the most effective way for getting rid of leaches. Don't forget to keep some salt or vicks with you while going outside.

Don't try to get rid of leaches with your hand, you cannot remove them like that. This will create more injuries. If leaches on your leg or any part of the body, then just apply salt or vicks on the leach and wait for some seconds. As leaches having jelly type skin they cannot afford salt kind of things and automatically it will escape from the place where it was sticked on.

Ayurveda Treatments
Monsoon is the best time to undergo some Ayurvedic Treatment. If you have interest then book hotels / resorts which having in house Ayurvedic Massage center and undergo some therapies which suite your budget.

Rain Pictures

Don't Expect too much sightseeing
If you are planning the trip with full of sightseeing, then monsoon period is not suitable for you. Just enjoy rain and romantic atmosphere from your hotel itself. So try to book hotels which are having some good natural view. Rooms with balcony will be an added advantage. In the middle if the sky is clear go for a short sight seeing trip and come back.

Special Monsoon Discount Offers from HotelsMonsoon is also off season time and you will get some good discounts from the hotels. So book some beautiful resort and enjoy your stay.

Hope these tips are helpful. We welcome you to Lovers Paradise. Come and Enjoy the Rain


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