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Possibility of Early Morning Check Inn at Munnar Hotels

We used to get similar questions from our guests and visitors over our website. If you are particularly seeking for hotels which have got early morning check inn option, then our answer will be NO. Requirement of early morning check inn at Munnar usually generate when you start the journey night time from your place with an intention to save some time and cover most of the sight seeing points as well. In this situation you will be reaching the destination early in the morning. As you know, Munnar is a hill station and can expect very cold atmosphere especially during early morning.

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So before finalizing the tour plan, you should find a solution for early check inn. Travelers who reach their preferred destination during day time will not be facing this issue. Here your question is that whether we can get early morning check inn at Munnar hotels. In normal cases you can expect an answer and it will be a big NO.

We will discuss the reasons and exception and possibilities here. In Kerala, you can notice the hotels situated in special destinations like Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kovalam, Wayanad etc generally having Check Inn time @ 12 Noon & Check Out time @ 11 AM (minor variation can e happen as per the different hotels rules and regulations). But instead majority of the city hotels in Cochin, Trivandrum etc are having 24 Hours Check Inn - Check Out Time.

While speaking about Munnar, almost 99% hotels having their Check In Time at-least 12 in the noon & Check Out Time around 11 in the morning. That means if a guest has got one night booking, even if he or she is checked inn late in the evening, has to check out next day around 11am. So when you are in a situation, where you required early morning check inn, hotel persons would not be able to help you.

But there will be having some exceptions. Suppose, if the hotel which you booked is enough vacant rooms and not fully occupied on previous day, hotel staff can help you by giving those rooms on your arrival time itself as per the reservation you made. Sometimes all the rooms may not be available in the morning time. For a case study we can go through the booking of a group who visited munnar recently.

One of our guest Mr. Subbu and his friends booked a package for 5 rooms with total strength of 15 members. They requested us for early morning check inn. As always we clearly informed them about the situations and ensured that if the rooms are vacant we will give them check inn on arrival itself. This group were fortunate. We got 3 rooms vacant and these rooms were allotted to our guest at morning 5 am itself. They were also so happy and used those rooms for fresh up and later kept luggage in the rooms and went out for sight seeing and day activities. Once they return back, we have allotted rest of the 2 rooms and they enjoyed thoroughly.

The reason we have mentioned this incident here is to help our readers about the possibility of early morning check inn at Munnar hotels. If you are visiting during Off Season Period, then the chances of getting early check inn is on the higher side. But during season period it will be pretty difficult as most of the days hotels will be having good occupancy. Guests who staying already in the hotel have time till 11 am or even more for doing check out. Hotelier cannot tell them to leave before the allotted time. Guests have got full privilege for using the facility for which they have already paid. The same will be applicable to you also

Another possibility is that even though check out time is after 11, some of the guests will be leaving before that. They might have got bookings in other destinations. So normally a certain percentage of people used to check out after having their breakfast. Major part of check outs used to happen in between 08 to 10 in the morning. That means, here also you will be having an option for early check inn. Hotel staff can give these check out rooms after cleaning the washrooms so that you can use it for getting freshen up which is the initial requirement. Then you are free to proceed for your day activities. Even you can keep the luggage safely in hotel. Housekeeping department will move it to your allotted rooms on time.

As conclusion notes, we can point out some more tips as well
* Plan your journey in such a way that you reach Munnar after at least 08 am mainly during season time

* Some of the hotels in Munnar having dormitory  facility. That can be used for early morning fresh up. Read More :- Cheap and Best Dormitories in Munnar

*Before confirming the booking make sure you get confirmation from the hotel for early morning fresh up at least

* During your booking process treat the hotel concerned person as your friend and try to build a friendly atmosphere so that he can help you in any of the possible manner

We have gone through different situations and hopefully it will help you in planning a tension free holiday. So pan well and enjoy Munnar at its best. Wishing you memorable trip


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