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Thekkady is more known for its wilderness and adventure activities. This beautiful mountain range including Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary is spotted in World Tourism Map. Hence travellers around the globe selected Thekkady as their must go destination. 

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We are writing this post based on the continuous questions and feedback from our guests. As a hilly destination, we expect Thekkady to get cool climate throughout the year. Once up on a time conditions where like that. But now situations changed. More and more constructions and more exploration from human being inside the forest lead to devastation of life chain and natural habitat. Automatically it results in sudden change in climate as well. Temperature started rising like anything

While furnishing our packages, and selecting hotels for our guests in Thekkady, one question rise and that is  “Whether air conditioned rooms are required in Thekkady or not”
Obviously this is a matter of concern & relavance. If you look at the hotels/resorts in here, now most of them started implementing A/c in rooms and guest have the option to choose rooms with & without A/c 

Thekkady enjoys moderate climate all through the year. But the best time to visit is from September to March.

Normal Temperature :- Summer 20 to 36°C, Winter 16 to 32°C

Selecting Hotels
There are few hotels where you can enjoy cool climate in any season. For example, KTDC Hotels which are inside the wild life sanctuary is surrounded with lots of tress and greenery and this help them in enjoying coolness day & night. So if you choose hotels like this, then A/c won’t be required. Another example is Spice Village Resort. If you could do a little research on internet, you can find resorts in this category

All the hotels in Thekkady dont have A/c rooms. Hotels with A/c options. Normally they keep higher category rooms with air condition and some of them provide the facility in all rooms. Guest can only pay additional cost if they use A/c.  So while making your booking enquire and study about facilities and then choose hotel

Climatic Conditions
Even if your visiting time is not during summer, then also you may feel hot during day time, but obviously temperature will be coming down by evening. 

If your traveling dates are during summer months i.e. April and May, then better to prefer Hotels which having A/c Rooms. Temperature will be on the hotter side during these period. Or else find some hotels or resorts which is close to nature where you get best climate. 

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