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Rock Cave of Theif in Munnar :- Malayil Kallan Guha / Malaikallan Cave 

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Munnar is rich in natural beauty and lots of tourist spots. Today we are sharing an attraction which is aproximate 13 Kilometres distance from main town. This is about a small cave connected with an interesting history

Malayil Kallan Guha 
The name seems to be Malayalam and in our view point the meaning of the word is as follows
Malayil :- Upon the Mountain or One who stay on the mountain
Kallan :- Theief
Guha :- Cave

We are sharing the picture and it describe the history of rock cave in Munnar near Lock Heart Gap. Exactly we can say this cave is just opposite to Lock Heart View Point. Whole area is pretty scenic and breathtaking view of deep valleys and mountains.

cave near gaproad munnar, thief cave in munnar, how to reach malaikallan guha in munnar

History:- As per the gathered information there was a thief who known as Malayil Kallan lived inside this cave and used to loot the travellers who pass though this direction. Seems interesting !!!!!

thief cave munnar, malayil kallan cave munnar, kallan cave munnar

Now this rock cave in gap road became one of the most visited spots among tourists. To certain extended road is very congested without much room for parking and overtaking in Gap Road. But at this spot, you will get comparatively wide area with some space to park the vehicles. That is also a factor of popularity of Rock Cave

attractions in gap road, guha in lock heart gap munnar

 One can enter inside the cave and we can notice that there is space for a person to stay inside. May be this cave was used by saints for their prayers and meditation in ancient period.
Anyhow concerned authority or persons build concrete steps on the entrance and this help smooth passage into the cave.
malai kallan rock cave munnar

Refreshment Point :- You can find a small shop for refreshment just opposite to Rock Cave. During your visit you can have a hot cup of tea / coffee with some home made snacks. Juice and other packed snacks also available here

They provide sitting area for the customers with some chairs and from here you can have a cup of tea with the visit inside Malayil Kallan Guha

malayil kallan cave guha in munnar

Very Nearby Attractions : Lock Heart Gap & Power House Waterfalls
Distance :- 13 Kilomters from Munnar town
Direction :- Towards Thekkady.
How to Reach Malayil Kallan Cave :- Munnar Town - Devikulam - Lock Heart Gap - Rock Cave

If you are travelling to Thekkady, then Malaykallan Guha is worth to visit 

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