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Wayand is one of the frequently visited tourist destinations of Kerala and you also familiar about the rock carvings of  Edakkal Caves which were discovered in 1895 by the Superintendent of Police of Malabar District, Fred Fawcett.  He was on a hunting trip when he happened to find a Neolithic stone axe, which led to the discovery of Eddakal.

 They are part of a pre historic rock shelter, formed naturally when one huge boulder got wedged between two bigger ones. The name Edakkal itself means “a stone in between”.

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Lots of tourist visit Edakkal Caves and we have got cheap and best dormitory near Edakkal Caves Wayanad for group stay. We provide online booking for dormitory in Wayanad for friends & family group

Edakkal Caves Vistting Timings
9AM – 5PM
Note: Monday Holiday

Dormitory is located just 5 Kms distance from historic sightseeing point Edakkal Caves. Budget Dormitory Booking in Wayanad .... Best Suitable for 10 Members , 15 Members & 20 Members Group. If you are in search of budget dormitory for your group stay in Wayand, then the search will end here.

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@ Dormitory You Will Get:
Neat and Clean Dormitory
Bunker Type Beds
Bed Sheet, Pillow with Cover & Blankets
4 Attached Bathrooms
Wash Basin with Mirror

If you are group of  bachelors planning trip to Wayanad and looking economic dormitory stay somewhere near edakkal caves, then you can book this entire dormitory for your stay. Morever we can provide dormitory in Wayanad for family, students group, friends get-together etc

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You Can Find More Details with Option to Book Online HERE

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